Format of the show

Life Under The Horseshoe utilizes first rate production qualities and talent to create an engaging, world-class, “old time” radio show that not only entertains the audiences but arouses a sense of nostalgia, inspiring the audience to appreciate their heritage. It has been said that the show is where “the old west meets the new”.

The show derives its name from the small historic Mormon town of Spring City, Utah and the imposing Horseshoe Mountain overlooking it to the east. It features music and stories highlighting the rich legacy of the town and surrounding area. (Some of the stories might even be true.) Talented writers, musicians, artists, performers, and technicians create the soul of a “down home” old time radio show that transports the audience back to “days gone by”—back to a simpler time, where they delight in discovering that although much has changed, much remains the same—people.


Tickets to attend a live recording

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$10 Each