Spring City, Utah

With three enormously successful seasons under their belt, Crazy Club Productions has put the fourth season of Life Under The Horseshoe on hold. This delightful “old time” weekly radio show produced and recorded before a live audience and broadcast from the historic Victory Hall in down town Spring City, Utah, will not be “in production” this season but “reruns” of the first three seasons will continue to air on station KMGR FM 102.7 and 95.9 every Saturday at 7:00 pm.

The producers are focusing on getting the show syndicated (selling broadcast rights to multiple network stations) nationwide. They feel that three extremely successful seasons demonstrations not only quality of product but longevity as well. Said Producer, Vicki Allen, “We recognize that not having a live performance to attend will be disappointing to our growing and tremendously loyal ‘live audience’ and we apologize for that, but until we get syndicated, we don’t have sufficient funds to hire staff and we simply cannot do everything at the same time. When we are in production, we hardly have time to mow our own lawns. But, they can still listen to the reruns each Saturday night, of their favorite shows from the last three seasons.”

Said Producer/Writer/Director Lawrence Gardner, “The sponsors and box office have covered the hard cost of the show since the second episode of the first season; in fact, we have even recouped our startup costs, which were considerable, but everyone has been working on community theatre basis, meaning no one gets paid (including the producers) and we need to take the show to the next level.” Said Producer/Show Host Mark Allen, “When we get syndication, we will immediately start up again, and then we will be able to pay for the excellent talent our show family has been contributing.”

The popularity of the show has grown steadily among the listening audience wherever it has been broadcast (between Kanab and the “point of the mountain” and from Delta to Price). The engaging stories, outrageous old time dramas, and wonderful musical talent has become almost a “listing must” with the locals and, although the show does not broadcast in the Salt Lake City area yet, “word of mouth” has brought more and more of the live audience down from “up north” each week.

Crazy Club Productions could not be more pleased with the progress and development of the show. From the outset, they were very aware of the challenges of producing a weekly radio show of this magnitude and level of professionalism and this move was well planned for. Having produced over 45 episodes, CCP believes it is time to promote the show to a wider audience and “put this show on the map” so to speak, by approaching prospective buyers of network stations.

The producers wish to thank not only our listening audience but especially the cast and crew who have worked so hard to make Life Under The Horseshoe the success that it has become. We look forward to seeing you all next season or sooner if thing progress fast enough.

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